18 Month Price Lock

Lock in the price of your dream home for 18 months at todays price.

For a limited time JG King Homes will let you lock in the price of your dream home build for 18 months. That means you'll be able to avoid building industry price increases while you wait for your land to be titled.

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Terms & conditions apply - .

The Owner(s) engages JG King to obtain soil reports, site levels, engineering, drainage and other plans and documents necessary for it to complete a quotation for the construction of a dwelling at the site in accordance with the details contained in this New Home Estimate. The Owner authorises JG King, its servants, agents and contractors to access the site and undertake works, and to make applications on its behalf, for that purpose.

The Owner(s) agree that JG Kings obligation to obtain such reports and other documents will not arise until such time until JG King receives the sum of $2000-$2500 from the Owner(s) (Initial Payment). The Initial Payment will not be refundable in any circumstances. However, JG King agree to credit the amount received from the deposit payable pursuant to any building contract subsequently entered into.

The price of your home will be fixed for 18 months across JG King build zones from receipt of the Initial Payment. This offer is available until February 28, 2022 and is subject to the following conditions:

  • Your proof of finance and proof of land title required for building commencement as listed in your New Home Contract must be provided to JG King a minimum of 90 days prior to the required 18 Month Price Lock date deadline.
  • Your New Home Contract with JG King must be executed and signed no later than 18 months from payment of the Initial Payment.
  • If you fail to provide your Proof of Finance and/or Land Title within the required timeframe JG King will provide you with an updated contract price based on the current market rates at the time of the reprice.

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