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Our Philosophy

Build a home to be proud of from the day you move in, well into the future. JG King Homes is committed to award-winning designs and outstanding workmanship, building more than 1,000 homes every year.

About JG King Group

JG King Group is a multi-faceted organisation, each of its divisions being part of a cohesive whole. Our sub-groups have expertise in project development, house design, construction and manufacturing, to bring you the best quality homes possible.

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JG King Homes

JG King Homes, the original member of the group, is our detached home division, dedicated to building high-quality steel frame residential housing for Victorian families.

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Steel Frame Solutions

Steel Frame Solutions is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated steel frames and trusses in Australian housing. It’s regarded as a pioneer in frame technology, sourcing all frames and trusses across our JG King divisions.

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Project Windows and Doors

Project Windows and Doors makes a huge range of standard and custom aluminium frame windows, as well as doors, screens and security products. It also supplies these products to new home builders Victoria and nationwide, including our very own JG King Homes and JG King Projects.

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