12 Stay at Home Tips

Apr 27, 2020
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Lengthy periods of staying in can be challenging. Why not take the opportunity to refresh your home? Taking control of your surroundings can improve your mental health too. From completing all those half-finished jobs to organising your wardrobe and decluttering the garage, here are 12 things to do at home so you feel more productive, more organised and more relaxed this winter and beyond.

1. Systemise your wardrobe

There has never been a better time to Marie Kondo your wardrobe. Begin by auditing what you have and what you actually use. Not only will you create more space, you may get inspired by new outfits or rediscover old favourites. Start by eliminating anything unworn in the past 12 months. Either donate the items to charity, give to friends, or sell on Facebook marketplace or eBay. Next, organise your closet by category - jumpers, t-shirts, pants and so on -and then by colour. This system makes everything look neater and will save you time when you are dressing in a hurry. Finally, consider packing bulky or out of season items in under-bed storage.

2. Where there’s a whisk there’s a way

Spending more time in your kitchen than usual? Instead of snacking, why not use the time to improve your cooking skills? If you’re a novice, begin with basic recipes, like banana bread or Bolognese; if you’re more experienced, work your way up to a three-course gourmet meal. The aroma from cooking or baking can make living spaces feel warm, comforting, and homely too.

Declutter the pantry

If you have a JG King home, you are likely to have a large walk-in pantry. Rejuvenate your space with a thorough clean and tidy. Begin by completely emptying your pantry and moving items to a separate bench. Wipe down each shelf and clean both inside and outside each cabinet door – don’t forget the pulls. Next, reorganise the contents. Check expiration dates and toss out anything that’s not worth keeping; wipe down tins and jars before replacing on the shelves. Group goods according to use for convenience – baking ingredients, pasta and sauces, tea and coffee, for example. Finally, keep product labels facing the front and place the largest items at the back for easy viewing.

Whip into shape with a home gym or exercise area

It’s a simple fact the baking (and eating) more, means you need to move more too. If available, a guestroom is an ideal spot for a mini gym. If you don’t have a spare room, you could make use of a second living area, garage or study. Alternatively, look at ways to arrange an alfresco space to accommodate some basic exercise equipment that can be moved indoors in inclement weather.

Re-arrange the alfresco and back yard

Take advantage of the sunshine by dining or working, alfresco. When you’re not working, settle into a comfy chair to read, or perhaps do some gardening. Invest in outdoor heating to ensure you get maximum use of your outdoor space. Consider a firepit, which creates an inviting ambience and a cosy conversation spot. Give kids their own outdoor play space by building a cubby house, setting up some swings or a place for ball games.

Plant a vegetable or herb garden

There are myriad benefits of growing your own produce. Plant seedlings now for harvesting in the coming months. If you have a big backyard, install raised beds filled with your favourite veggies and herbs. If you only have a compact courtyard, opt for pots to achieve your produce goals.

Set up a home office

If you’re working from home, it’s important to have an appropriate dedicated space so you can focus. Consider installing additional storage, check there’s easy access to power or data outlets, and ensure there’s optimal lighting. Don’t have a suitable study? Create a work nook in a hallway or the corner of a bedroom to accommodate a small desk or table. If you’re building with us, ask your JG King consultant to show you homes with cleverly designed study or home office areas.

Make time for ‘me time’

Set up a cosy corner for relaxation by placing a comfy armchair in your bedroom or by a window with a leafy aspect. Choose a naturally well-lit area for daytime reading, with a lamp for darker winter afternoons or evenings. If space permits, invest in a stool or small side table to rest your cup of tea, the ideal partner for a great book.

Declutter bathrooms

Start by ditching anything empty or past its use-by date (most cosmetics should be discarded after 6 or 12 months to prevent bacteria). Next, allocate a shelf or dedicated space for each family member’s personal items plus one for shared items. Add a laundry basket for dirty clothes and towels. Finish with a plant, a candle and bath products with beautiful packaging.

10. Maximise your garage space

One word: cull. Ask yourself a few questions: will you use it? How often? Is it serving a purpose? Is it sentimental? Next, invest in appropriate storage - think shelving (freestanding or installed) - then add hooks or wall racks for gardening tools, brooms, even bikes.

Meditate in colour

If traditional meditation isn’t your thing, unwind and reset with a task such as gardening, puzzles or painting. You could also pick up a colouring book; invest in some beautiful pencils to make the time feel more special. To get you started, try our colouring sheets – download them by clicking here.

Plan your renovation or home build

Begin a digital scrapbook with your favourite designs, spaces and home ideas – there’s plenty of inspiration on our Instagram, Houzz and Facebook accounts. Sort them into albums by room so you will be ready to share your ideas with your JG King colour consultant, who can help you make selections based on your favourite looks and styles. Look out for our new online home design tool, launching in June and plan your home build from your couch! You an also browse our home collections here.