Posted on March 29, 2018

You’ve heard the horror tales - new houses being built with shoddy and inferior building materials, quotes that imply certain inclusions and end-results that fall short of the mark. It all comes down to your choice of builder and how much research you’ve done before signing your quote. This blog will show you how to choose an excellent builder, and ensure that your end product is exactly what you’d hoped and dreamed for.

Don’t choose cheap

When shopping around for a great builder, don’t automatically assume that the cheapest builder is the best value for money. Ask yourself why the builder is cheaper than the others. Is is because they are actually good value for money, or because they’re using inferior building materials? A shoddy building job could cost you more in the long term, because the home will degrade faster, and you’ll need to upgrade to better materials, fixtures and fittings.

Build better

Another consideration when choosing your builder will be the types of materials they use. Some builders have a preference for timber construction materials while others will use steel. Weigh up the pros and cons of each building material and also consider how each will cost you over time. With bluescope steel, for example, you get a lifetime termite guarantee, and it’s also a stronger, longer lasting, 100% recyclable material.

Talk to clients

Talking to existing clients of your select builders is absolutely essential. These clients will tell you what this builder is like to work with, and most importantly, how transparent their quote was. Did the previous clients end up with the house they were expecting? Ask your builder to refer to you previous clients. If they did a good job, they should have nothing to hide.

Comparing quotes carefully

There’s nothing quite like expecting one thing and getting something very different. Some builders may have one thing in their display suite but then exclude that item from the quote. When comparing quotes,ensure that you’re comparing quotes with comprehensive schedules. That way what you see will be what you get, and you’ll be able to choose the best quality home for the best price.

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