The Allure Collection features premium finishes and design elements throughout. Home sizes range from 32sq to 50sq perfect for lot widths 14m to 18m.

Allure Collection

The Alpha Collection is our most popular range of homes, with an extensive assortment of floorplans and facades to choose from. Home sizes from 17sq to 40sq, ideal for lot widths ranging between 10.5m and 16m.

Alpha - Single Story
Alpha - Double Story

The Art Collection skilfully maximises homes on smaller lot sizes adhering to the Victorian Small Lot Housing Code, saving time and money. Home sizes range from 15sq to 19sq to suit lot widths 12.5m to 14m.

Art Collection

The John G. King Collection features homestead-style single storey homes with heritage elegance. Home sizes range from 21sq to 50sq to suit lot widths 22.50m to 40.45m.

JG King Collection

The Up Collection offers a wide choice of floorplans and simplifies your selection process with a range of internal and external colour options to choose from. Home sizes range from 14sq to 35sq ideal for lot widths 10.5m to 26m.

UP Collection