Guide: Solar Panels for the Home

Aug 19, 2022
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Your Guide to Solar Panels

In a world where the effects of global warming and changes to our environment are regularly discussed and reported on, the option of renewable energy is one that is becoming a popular choice amongst Australians.

Solar panel systems for the home is a great way to incorporate a renewable energy source into your day to day living. Not only do they help the environment by utilising the sun to produce power, they also save you money on your electricity bill and can help you achieve the required energy rating for your new home.

In this article we will touch on how you can add rooftop solar panels to your new JG King Home. We will discuss topics such as solar panels for home costs and how do solar panels work for your home. Keep reading to find out more.

Types of solar panel

When it comes to types of solar panels for home in Australia there are a lot of options for both brands and installers. At JG King Homes we have partnered with leaders in the industry, RACV Solar to install solar panels on our brand new homes. With many different brands of panels available, experts from RACV can guide you to the most appropriate option for you and your home.

To start sustainable living through a solar panel set up for home, you may be surprised to learn that there is more involved than just the panels you see on the roof. So, how do solar panels work for your home and what components are required?

Rooftop solar panels for home:

Perhaps the main, most well-known and invisible component of solar power are the panels that you often see sitting on the roofs of homes and businesses. They are rectangular panels installed to soak up the suns light. When it comes to types of solar panels there are multiple to choose from, however, the way they work remains the same. Solar panels are made up of individual solar cells which include silicon. The silicon inside these cells are the key as they can produce and conduct energy.

How do panels create energy to power your home?

The key component that converts the suns energy into energy for your home, is the inverter. When your solar panels create energy, it is created in direct current (DC), however, for us to use this to power our household electrical items it needs to be fed to the house in alternating current electricity (AC). The inverter simply prepares your DC energy to AC energy so you can use renewable energy throughout your home.

Both the solar panel systems and the inverters come in different sizes. Solar systems have DC rating and inverters a kilowatt rating. As a general rule of thumb, your solar system should be a similar size to the inverter and a larger system in kilowatts will create more solar electricity.

How many solar panels do you need

The number of solar panels you will need will vary from home to home. In order to calculate how many rooftop solar panels for home there are a few key factors involved:

1. Roof size:

The size of your roof will affect how many panels will fit. The larger the roof space the more flexible you can be with the number of panels to install.

2. Orientation of your home:

As solar panels use the sun to create energy you will receive the maximum output if your solar panels are facing directly north. If this isn’t possible, you may be required to install additional panels to receive the optimum output.

3. Location of where you live:

Where you live will also be taken into account when choosing a solar panels for your home. Here in Victoria, we do see a lot of daylight in summer, but much less in winter in comparison to somewhere like Queensland. More panels may be required in Victoria than the same size home in Queensland due to the reduced sunlight during the day.

4. How much electricity you use:

Solar panels save you money in two ways. The first is you will reduce the overall energy you source from the grid (and pay for) by using the power generated from the sun and your panels instead. This reduces the amount of power you use off your electricity retailer. Secondly, you feed any unused power back into the grid and will receive a credit from your retailer each bill. In order to get see the best benefit from a savings perspective, you need to have a system that can create a similar amount of energy that you consume – or even better, more energy!

Our partners RACV Solar can estimate which system will work best for your home. They will take into account your roof size, home orientation and average usage and advise on a system that will best suit your needs.

How much do solar panels cost?

Once you know what sort of solar system you need, RACV Solar will be able to provide you with a solar panels for home cost. The cost of installing solar panels on your home comprises of the cost of the panels, the inverter, supplies and the labour for install. Each home will have different requirements so cost will vary.

When evaluating the cost, it is important to also consider the money you will save in the future. This can be through savings on your bill due to a reduction of electricity usage as well as money you will be credited for feeding power into the grid. Your representative from RACV Solar will be able to advise you how quickly you will pay back your system based on those savings.

One of the great things about installing solar panels for home in Australia is that both the national and Victorian state government have rebate schemes that can help make your solar system more cost effective.

Victorian Government Solar Panel (PV) rebate:

The Victorian State Government offers both a rebate for installation and an interest free loan which can assist in getting a solar panel system for home sooner. The rebate can be up to $1400 for a solar panel (PV) system installation.

To receive the rebate there is criteria that must be met, and a capped number of rebates are available each month. To find out more visit the Victorian Government website.

A great tool to search for available rebates is this engine created by the Australian Government.

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