Posted on September 02, 2021

It’s easy to see the benefits of building in a new estate, from affordability to lifestyle.

But it’s a little harder to understand what’s involved in this building process.

As Victoria’s largest builder of steel frame homes, we’ve helped many first home buyers build homes in new estates.

So with this wealth of wisdom, we’ve decided to share our top 10 tips for building a house in a new estate.

Tips for Building a House in a New Estate

1. Find your dream location

You’ll find new estates right across Victoria, from the sprawling suburbs of Melbourne to the rolling country plains.

As one of the biggest builders in the state, we take great care in choosing where to build our new homes.

To browse these quality new estates and learn more about them, view our display home locations.

2. Understand utilities

When building a house in a new estate, you need to see whether utilities are set up on your land.

Utilities include water, sewage, electricity, gas, telephone and internet.

If you buy in a new estate, the utilities will usually be hooked up and included in the price from the developer.

But make sure to double check with your builder to avoid any unwanted surprises later down the track.

If you’re building by yourself, make sure you work out the costs of setting up utilities. These could be expensive, especially in regional Victoria and established areas.

3. Get to know the place through zoning

One of the main attractions of building a house in a new estate is the amazing community features.

If you’ve fallen in love with a new estate for its “personality”, make sure this appeal will still be there by the time you move in!

Look at the zoning within the area to see what works could be possible in the future.

4. Put your trust in a master builder

Choosing the right builder will help you a lot with building a house in a new estate.

An experienced builder like JG King Homes will understand how new estates work and help you through the building process.

5. Go for master planning

One of the benefits of building in a new estate is the master planning.

Master planned communities are better than many established suburbs because they give you quick and easy access to essentials like shops, schools and transportation.

They also incorporate more nature, green spaces and walking trails to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Many of the new estates we build in are master planned communities, which are expertly designed for convenient living.

6. Soak in the sights

There’s nothing like seeing a community for yourself to help you decide whether it’s the place to call home.

Once you’ve found a few estates you like through online research, it’s time to go for a visit.

Visit the JG King Homes display homes and you’ll be able to inspect the area.

7. Get a government grant

One of the most irresistible benefits of building in a new estate is the government incentives.

In Victoria, you could be eligible for the $10,000 First Home Owner Grant to help you pay your mortgage.

You could also be eligible for a stamp duty price cut.

Read more in Everything You Need to Know About the First Home Owners Grant.

8. Tick off energy efficiency

Building in a new estate gives you the opportunity to create an energy efficient home.

This will save you thousands in your power bill over the years.

When looking at house and land packages in a new estate, be sure to check the energy ratings.

9. Streamline the process

Building a house in a new estate may seem complicated, but it’s actually simpler than buying an established property in many ways.

If you buy a house and land package with a trusted builder like JG King Homes, your builder will guide you through the building process.

That means they can clearly explain the whole process and all the costs so it’s easy to understand.

You don’t get the same professional assistance when you buy an established property which could have confusing maintenance and repairs.

10. Beware guidelines and restrictions

New estates often come with certain building and renovation rules.

For example, they include limits on the size of your house or guidelines for the style of the landscaping.

These rules help keep the neighbourhood looking beautiful and prevent nuisance noise.

Ask your builder what guidelines are in place and whether they will affect your vision for the house or garden.