The Advantages of Building New vs. Buying Established Homes

Jun 25, 2024

Classic homes are beautiful, but remember, homes are meant to be lived in, and enjoyed for that matter. That’s why considering a new home build might be the right decision for the future. When deciding between building a new home or buying an established one, several advantages make building new an attractive option. We build homes for the future. In some ways, there’s no point going back to the past. Here’s why you should consider a newly built home.

New Homes Can Be Easily Customised:

Building a new home allows for complete customisation to suit your personal needs and preferences. New homes are well-built and can allow for easier modifications. JG King even accounts for this from the start with our customisable floor plan tool. From floor plans to finishes, you can design a home that reflects your lifestyle and taste. JG King Homes offers a wide range of home designs and customisation options to ensure your home is perfect for you​.

Modern Standards and Technology:

Newer homes are built with the latest technology and materials, ensuring higher energy efficiency, better insulation, and modern conveniences. JG King Homes incorporates 7-Star energy efficiency, TRUECORE® steel frames, and advanced insulation techniques, which often have to be retrofitted into older homes​.

Lower Maintenance Costs:

New homes come with the advantage of new construction and materials, meaning fewer repairs and maintenance issues in the near term. JG King Homes offers a 50-year structural warranty on their steel frame homes, providing long-term peace of mind and protection against structural issues​.

Safety and Compliance:

Older homes naturally can come with risks, ones that at the original time of build, were never accounted for. Building a new home ensures compliance with the latest building codes and safety standards. JG King Homes' steel frames are termite-resistant and offer enhanced bushfire protection, which are significant considerations in many parts of Victoria​

Energy Efficiency and Savings:

Energy efficiency is the future of homes

Energy efficiency is essential for the future of modern homes. New homes are designed to be more energy-efficient, resulting in lower utility bills. Features like double-glazed windows, advanced insulation, and energy-efficient appliances contribute to significant cost savings over time. JG King Homes' commitment to energy efficiency helps homeowners save money while reducing their environmental impact.

Resale Value:

New homes can have strong resale value due to their modern amenities, energy efficiency, and lower maintenance needs. A well-built, customised new home from JG King Homes can be a solid investment, offering long-term value and appeal​

Building a new home with JG King Homes provides a blend of modern technology, sustainable practices, and customisable options, making it a superior choice for many homebuyers compared to purchasing an established home.