Posted on September 02, 2021

Picking land for your new home build is not as easy as it seems.

You need to think about many things, from the features of the land to the current and future zoning.

As one of Victoria’s favourite builders, we’ve built over 20,000 new homes and are experts in what to look for when buying land.

Here’s our advice on how to pick land for your new home build.

How to pick land to build on

Locate your lot

The first step is to think about what type of neighbourhood you want to live in.

You might prefer an established suburb of Melbourne or a new master planned estate in regional Victoria.

Don’t forget to work out how long it will take you to commute to work and where your kids can go to school.

Look for amenities

If you’re wondering how to find land to build on, look for areas with the right amenities for your family.

Look for amenities like:

  • Shopping centres
  • Green spaces
  • Recreation facilities
  • Medical centres
  • Public transport
  • Main roads
  • Schools
  • Universities

If you’re looking at a new estate, the amenities you want might be in the planning stage.

If you like the look of a new estate, make sure the developer has a good reputation by looking at their previous work and reviews.

See the future

Consider the changing needs of your family as you grow.

For example, if you don’t have kids yet but are planning for them, you might want to live closer to schools.

Or if you’re getting older, you might want to live closer to medical facilities or recreation clubs.

Note that the personality of an area can change over time.

For example, views from your home can change as new buildings go up.

You can’t predict the future, but looking at the zoning will give you some clues.

Size up the lot

Think about what home design you want and choose a lot to match.

The lot needs to be the right size and shape for what you have in mind.

You might want a large lot to accommodate a double garage and outdoor entertainment area.

Small lots are also popular because they come with low-maintenance gardens.

Need help matching a lot with a home design? You might like our house and land packages.

Face the right direction

Work out what direction your home would face on a given lot.

To build a sustainable home with low energy bills, your home should face North or north-east.

These directions maximise sunlight in winter and minimise it in summer.

Land quality land

When buying land to build a house, make sure the land you like won’t break your budget.

For example, sloping land creates great views, but it’s also more expensive to build on.

Trees can add charm to a property but watch out for trees that get in the way of building works.

Trees can be expensive to remove and some councils ban the removal of native trees.

If you’re unsure about hidden costs on your favourite lot, ask your builder and local council.

Beware of disasters

If you’re drawn to the beauty of regional Victoria, consider what natural disasters might occur.

Your favourite lot might be in a fire or flood zone, which means you’ll need a safety plan in place.

One of the main reasons JG King Homes are so popular in regional Victoria is because of our safety ratings.

Our homes have excellent fire ratings and are termite resistant.

Suss out the soil

You’ll need to do soil tests to see if the land is okay to build on.

When you get your soil tested, you’ll find out if your land has a lot of rocks on it and what it costs to remove them.

If you choose a builder like JG King Homes, we’ll take care of soil testing for you.

Set up utilities

Be sure to check whether a lot has utilities already, and if not, what it would cost to set them up.

Utilities include:

  • electricity
  • gas
  • sewage
  • water
  • internet

If you want to buy rural land that is not part of a new estate or existing development, it can be expensive to set up utilities.

The cheapest and most convenient way is to choose developed land in quality housing estates.

Satisfy guidelines & restrictions

Check to see if the communities you’re looking at have building guidelines and restrictions.

Although they sound inconvenient, guidelines and restrictions can be a good thing.

Guidelines could prevent new building works from ruining your wonderful view and restrictions keep the houses on your street beautiful.

Restrictions may include:

  • Limit on house size
  • Bans on colours or building material
  • Privacy rules
  • Landscaping guidelines

What to look for when buying land

Now that you know how to pick land to build on, you’re read to browse new estates in Victoria.

After you’ve read about your favourite estates, see the neighbourhood for yourself by visiting the display homes.

At our JG King Homes displays, just ask our staff about what lots are available.