Choice, Choice, Choice - The Benefits of Building a Modern Home

Nov 22, 2023
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One of the things a lot of home buyers forget is the amount of choice home builders provide a customer. There is nothing better than moving into a home that you have designed for yourself. The level of customisation and flexibility top-tier home builders like JG King Homes provide a homeowner is unparalleled.

This blog goes through the choices you have throughout your home-buying journey with JG King Homes, comprising the following key areas:

  • Choose from 116 unique home designs

  • From those 116 home designs, you have over 1,500 unique floorplan choices

  • Also, to take your home to the next level you can select from 5,000 upgradable items that have a wide range of choices, including:
    • Ceiling Heights

    • Numerous choices in your kitchen including joinery, benchtop material appliances, etc.

    • Floor coverings i.e. tiles, laminated timber, carpet, etc.

Modern Home Design

The Baron 252, Modern home design in its many forms

One universal fact all home builders agree on is that, ultimately all customers are seeking to find their dream home. A great advantage you have in dealing with JG King Homes is the fact your starting point is 116 home designs.

JG King Homes understands the land market intimately. So much so that we are across future land releases, and all projects, we have plans that detail all key land estates, and how many lots they have to sell. In case you are wondering why is that important, it provides a foundation to deliver relevant floor plans.

We have a team of architects and draftspeople whose full-time jobs are to deliver and optimise homes, including sizes of rooms, the consideration of bedroom wings, positioning extra living rooms in the right areas, and finding every opportunity possible to improve the liveability of all our home designs.

As an example, for more popular lots we provide options with the Master Bed in different locations. Several customers prefer the Master Bed in the back of the house to avoid all the street noise. This is one of the many decisions we have our experts considering in our house designs.

What we are ultimately doing is helping you find your dream home, but our New Home advisors do better. Brief our New Home Advisors of your mandatories, nice to haves, and non-negotiables and then give them the task of identifying the perfect home for you. They study our plans and it is their job to find the dream home for you. They may stumble upon a plan that is preferable to you because you simply didn't even know it was possible. That's what a dream home is.

An important part of your consideration needs to be that all home designs change when you select a floorplan choice. Use the knowledge of one of our New Home Advisors who works out of our display homes to help you.

Customisable Modern Facade Design

The front of JG King Home, the Carnival 172

One thing that is not that widely known is the numerous facades that are available in modern homes. More importantly, customers may not be aware of how they work. In simple terms, most top-tier builders have a series of collections/ranges/home brands. If you pick homes from the same collection (we will use this word from the series suggested to minimise confusion) the specifications and facades will remain consistent.

Across JG King Homes ranges exist 5 Collections with the respective facades available in all homes in that specific collection:


Facades available

Alpha Single Stories


Alpha Double Stories


Art Single Stories


Art Double Stories


Up Double Stories


Up Single Stories


John G King Single Stories


Allure Single Stories


Allure Double Stories


The facade is the front of your home, and this is an opportunity to choose how it looks with expert design recommendations.

Future-Proof Design:

New house designs are designed for modern-day living. They come with the most modern features, and if you make the right decisions before you start building, ensure you maximise your options for the future.

Most things can be updated and upgraded. One thing that is difficult to change down the track is your ceiling height. So make sure you get that detail right as a minimum. All other elements such as flooring, appliances, tiles, benchtops, etc. can all be changed, updated and upgraded down the track. The way the space works can be difficult to fix. Ideally, you choose the plan that is right for you and your family's lifestyle requirements. All this will ensure that your home is future-proofed and retains value and functionality.

Customisable Home Floor Plans

May customers come into our displays thinking, pick the set plan or else! This could not be further from the truth. As you can see once you have decided on your home, there are several floorplan choices you can select from, to make your home your own. Across JG King Homes 116 home designs you have over 1,500 floor plan choices to choose from! These have all been considered by professionals in the industry.

Choosing to build a new home enables homeowners to have more choices. They can inform the design and functionality easily and ensure that the floor plan is consistent with their needs. The value of the home is better retained by future-proofing the home. Additionally, choosing a top 10 builder like JG King Homes leverages our reputation and ability to deliver you a competitively priced home, whilst still numerous flexibility when it comes to making a home your own. The choice is all yours.