Posted on September 02, 2021

Are you considering buying a new home vs an established home?

While there are differences between the two, we think there are many reasons to choose a newly built home instead.

Before we share our reasons to build new, there are 3 types of options available to purchase a new home, these include:

New builds- buy a new home that’s ready for move-in

Off the plan- buy a property from a plan and then watch it get built

Knockdown rebuild- demolish an established property to replace it with a new one

Any of the above new home options offer great benefits compared to purchasing an established property. Let us guide you through what a new build home can offer. .

Reasons to choose new build homes

1. Get space for the family

One of the best reasons to choose new build homes is their size.

Older homes are generally smaller, and can be cramped and closed-in. However, new homes are designed to be spacious.

Choose from open-plan layouts to maximise family time or floorplans with several living spaces.

New kitchens give you much more space to cook while the kids do their homework on the bench.

2. Make it your own

If you’ve walked through established properties, then you’ll know how hard it is to find one that checks all the boxes.

Then, it’s even harder to make the winning offer or bid!

But when you build new, you have an opportunity to create something perfect for your needs, without any competition.

Depending on how much time you have and your budget, you can customise much of the design.

Or you can choose from off the plan properties or new builds that meet your needs.

With a new build, you can customise:

  • number of bedrooms, bathrooms & living rooms
  • open or private layouts
  • alfrescos for outdoor lounging or dining
  • colours, fittings and fixtures
  • type of flooring

3. Love the price

You may have heard that new builds are cheaper than established properties. But if they’re more modern, new and customisable, how can that be?

This has partly to do with location. New homes are usually in new estates, which can be further out from the city centre.

Even though this is cheaper, a lot of people find it preferable.

New estates have more modern town planning with lots of green spaces for the kids to run around in.

New estates let your kids walk to school and live a healthy walkable lifestyle.

4. Get cash hand-outs

Buying a new home vs an established home could make you eligible for government grants.

You could be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant, which gives you $10,000 to build a new home valued up to $750,000.

Perfect for young families, the grant takes the sting out of your first mortgage.

5. Enjoy a discount

When you buy a new home, you have to pay “stamp duty” on top of the price of the house and land.

The amount you pay depends on the value of the property.

But for new homes and first home buyers, there are some stamp duty price cuts available.

If you’re eligible for the FHOG, you may be able to get the First Home Buyer Duty Exemption or Concession.

6. Feel safe and snug

Not only are established homes normally pricier, but they often come with hidden surprises.

Rife with asbestos and termites, they might have structural faults or poor fire safety.

In comparison, new homes are much safer due to modern building practices.

JG King Homes are a good example of all the health and safety benefits you get with a new home.

Made with BlueScope Steel frames, our homes are built to last without warping.

Our homes are termite resistant and offer excellent bushfire protection.

7. Forget fuss

Among the problems with established properties is all that maintenance.

The last thing you want to add to your mortgage is the cost of a new kitchen or even a quick visit from the plumber to fix a leaky tap.

New homes in Victoria are ready to live in and won’t need maintenance for many years.

When you build with JG King Homes, you get a 50-year structural warranty plus warranties on all your new appliances.

8. Use award winning builders

Do you dream of living among the rolling plains of the country or the hubbub of a Melbourne suburb?

Either way, Victoria has quality builders to create your dream home.

JG King Homes have won the Master Builders Awards many times for our beautiful designs.

We’re also country Victoria’s favourite builder, having built over 20,000 new homes in this state.

It’s just one in a long list of reasons to choose new build homes.