10 Questions to Ask When you Visit a Display Home

Sep 09, 2020
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Stepping into a display home with its warm welcome is very exciting.

You get to view a possible version of your future home and imagine your new life there. But before you get whisked away, there’s business to take care of...

You need to ask the right questions of your builder to establish their expertise and credibility. You also need to know what’s included in your favourite design and what costs extra.

We’ll walk you through the 10 questions to ask when you visit a display home.

1. Who is the builder?

Your first step is to ask questions about your builder.

A builder with a proven track record will give you the best results and inspire confidence with proven answers.

Someone who has lengthy experience building homes and plenty of satisfied clients to refer you to is the smart choice. For example, JG King has built over 20,000 homes in Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

2. Can you explain the building process?

Choose a builder who is more than happy to talk you through the process and keep you involved every step of the way.

With a rundown of the process, you’ll have a better idea of how to budget and when to apply for loans. This will also help you keep track of your new home build and monitor your builder’s progress.

3. Can I make changes to floorplans?

When you visit a display home, you should get clarification on most of your costs. You don’t want any scary surprises later down the track. Ask your builder whether changes to floorplans are allowed, and if so, how much they would cost.

4. What type of house frame is used?

Materials matter when building a new home. For example, timber frames can be more vulnerable to termites, especially in Regional Victoria. Termite damage could cost you thousands to fix in the future.

JG King homes are built using a Truecore steel frame supplied by BlueScope. A steel frame is stronger and more durable than timber, is non-combustible and 100% termite proof!

5. What’s included as standard?

Keep in mind that a display home showcases many of the options that are available. Usually this means that what you see at a display home is not included in the standard price (aka base price).

Ask the builder what’s included. The following could be standard or extra:

  • fittings
  • finishes
  • appliances
  • paint
  • flooring
  • flyscreens
  • letterbox
  • clothesline

6. Is the alfresco included?

When you visit a display home, you’ll probably see a design with a lovely outdoor entertainment area. This area adds atmosphere and value to your home!

Find out if the alfresco is included in the standard design or if it comes at an extra cost.

When you build with JG King and choose from our Alpha or Allure collections, alfrescos come as standard.

7. What appliances are included?

Ask your builder whether appliances are included in the standard price.

Next, find out what appliances are included to make sure they are high quality.

8. What is the energy rating?

One of the best things about buying a new home is that it can be more energy efficient. This can save you thousands on your power bills over the years and give you peace of mind that you’re living sustainably.

9. Can I select my colours?

Personalising your home is exciting. Find out what colours are available for your interior and facade, and when you can make your choices.

10. What does it cost to build on my chosen lot?

Remember that the standard price for your favourite floorplan may not apply to your favourite lot. The standard price may apply to a certain lot size or shape.

If you have a sloping lot, or a different sized lot, you might need to pay extra fees. At your visit to the display home, get clarification on the pricing for your design and lot.

Visit a display home

Visiting a display home is fun and exciting, but it also pays to be practical! Inspect the craftsmanship to work out if the builder is right for you.

Take this opportunity to ask as many questions as you want. A trusted builder will be more than happy to answer everything. That’s what your visit to a display home is for!