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How to Create the Scandinavian Look

Mar 30, 2018

With its calm colour palette and mix of old and new furnishings, Scandinavian interiors are relatively affordable and easy to achieve.

Scandinavian interior styling takes inspiration from the northern European countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. This part of the world is typically cold, with vast rugged landscapes.

Scandinavian styling draws from this landscape, with cool pale colours that evoke the cold and snow, snuggly layered furniture and rugs, and artwork inspired by forests and animals.

Let the design team at JG King Homes share how to create the Scandinavian look at home!

Top Scandinavian interior styling tips

1. Minimalist timbers

Natural timber is a big part of the Scandinavian look.

Incorporate wooden elements in flooring, fixtures and furniture such as chairs, coffee tables or photo frames.

Recent trends in Scandinavian interior design take this one step further with contrasting metal finishes such as brass pendants.

2. Create interest with textures

The best Scandinavian interiors mix textures to create interest.

It goes without saying that most countries in the Scandinavian area have extremely cold climates so the use of warm textiles is common.

Think shaggy throws and plush carpets made from wool, sheepskin or mohair.

Layering these textiles is a great way to make a room feel warm.

3. Muted decor pieces

Minimalist cowhide rugs, linen throws, knitted cushions and maybe even a velvet cushion or two.

Make use of traditional scandinavian print designs, which might feature geometrical shapes and fluid artwork of nature and animals.

4. Plants, plants, plants

Finally, incorporate a couple of indoor plants and fresh blooms.

Our interior design team at JG King Homes recommend adding natural, living elements in your home to bring the Scandinavian feel to life.

A deep appreciation for nature is a big part of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Take advantage of windows that give way to plenty of natural light.

Indoor plants with pots made of natural materials will add pops of colour and purify the air in your home.

Our take on Scandi styling

Coral 221 on display at Alfredton Grove Estate

Our Alfredton display home is a great take on Scandinavian living and styling.

The Coral 221 features a formal living at the front of the home and open-plan kitchen facing your meals and family room, making it perfect for inclusive entertaining.

Throughout this stunning display we’ve selected beautiful artworks inspired by the Scandinavian design movement. Think simple, minimalist and functional line art or woven tapestries.

Scandi tip: The key for Scandi styling is to balance fluid lines and empty space.

Melrose 262 on display at Botanical Estate

The Melrose 262 display home at Botanical Estate nails Scandinavian interior design.

The sun-filled kitchen makes meal preparation a time to enjoy, while the pantry and additional storage throughout help to keep areas clean and streamlined.

To assure peaceful retreat and privacy, the master bedroom is at the front of the home, featuring muted colours and ample texture in the form of woven rugs and statement wall decor which creates a sense of coziness and comfort.

Scandi tip: Layer your bedding in a warm and inviting style with a blend of linen sheets, wool blankets and small accent pillows.

Clarendon 246 on display at Harpley Estate

For a delightful home, look no further than Clarendon 246. Our Werribee display home features an alfresco area cleverly positioned to the side of the home, while the family living area is flooded with dreamy daylight for the perfect Scandinavian feel.

In the muted dining room, striking metal pendant lights and pale blue velvet chairs create a layered effect. While a mix of muted off-white and wood tones work well to establish a sense of calm in the space.

Scandi tip: Warm wood tones are popular in Scandinavian interior design because they make a room feel light and bright without using bold colours.

Build your dream Scandinavian home

This design trend has been a firm favourite in Australia for quite some time and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon!

At JG King Homes, we can help bring to life your dream Scandinavian inspired home.

Our home collections take cues from Scandi interior design with:

✓ Light-filled, open-plan living

✓ Ample storage

✓ Wide spaces and flowing layouts

✓ Seamless indoor-outdoor entertaining

If you love clean lines and quality design that stands the test of time, Scandinavian design is for you. Visit our display homes across Victoria to get a feel for the Scandi style and chat with our New Home Consultants about building your dream JG King home.