Posted on March 30, 2018

With its calm colour palette and mix of old and new furnishings, Scandinavian interiors are relatively affordable and easy to achieve.

Scandinavian interior styling takes inspiration from the northern European countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. This part of the world is typically cold, with vast rugged landscapes. Scandinavian interior styling draws from this landscape, with cool pale colours that evoke the cold and snow, snuggly layered furniture and rugs, and artwork inspired by forests and animals.

Light and natural timber is a big part of this look, creating warmth in your home. Add timber furniture pieces like or a wooden chair or stool with light-coloured upholstery. The best Scandinavian interiors mix textures to create interest, so add textile layers for a cosy feel. Think cowhide rugs, linen throws, knitted cushions, sheepskin and maybe even a velvet cushion or two. Make use of traditional scandinavian print designs, which might feature geometrical shapes and artwork of nature and animals. Finally, add a couple of indoor plants.

For our take on Scandi styling, visit our Essa display home at the Arcadia Estate , 8-10 Bronte Boulevard, Officer.