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Choosing The Perfect Bathroom For Your Home

Sep 30, 2022
Williams 435 Ensuite

What Is The Perfect Bathroom For Your Home

As the famous real estate saying goes “kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.” Which is why it is important to ensure that the bathroom of your new JG King Home is well designed and practical. After multiple display home visits and hours of online research, we’re sure you have plenty of bathroom design ideas, but, how do they all come together to create a functional space that will stand the test of time? All of our home designs feature a bathroom, ensuite and sometimes a powder room, so there are plenty of options to create an interesting space through items like shower designs, bathroom tile designs and fixtures and fittings.

Firstly, you will want to choose a home design that will suit your needs here. Then we can work on designing the bathroom perfect for your lifestyle. In this article we will give you our expert tips and advice on how to create a space that will stand the test of time.

What Is The Perfect Lighting For A Bathroom

When it comes to lighting in your bathroom you want to try and capitalize on any available natural light. Think of alternative windows such as slim line windows above your bathroom mirrors to help increase the flow of light into the bathroom – this will also help provide nice lighting for getting ready in the mirror.

Given the small space of a bathroom including natural light can certainly come with some challenges. Alternatively, you can achieve similar lighting with artificial light like downlights. Keep in mind the placement of these. For example, a light located directly above your mirror, where you will get ready each morning will be harsh and create unwanted shadowing. Similarly, you don’t want a light directly above your bath as this can cause the light to shine into your eyes and take away from a relaxing moment.

Different Types Of Storage

If you have ever watched The Block you will know the importance of bathroom storage – the judges certainly hold it in high regard, and for good reason. Given bathrooms are one of the smaller spaces in a home it’s important to capitalise on the space available and there are many clever ways to do so.

Face-level Storage

Hidden behind a mirror, face level storage is a great way to achieve extra storage without impacting on space. Perfect for storing smaller items like shaving and skin care products. Old school shaving cabinets have been revamped by many retailers to incorporate modern styles and design trends. You don’t have to compromise on style or space with mirrors like the Reece Kado Neue Arch Mirrored Shaving cabinet.

Under-bench Storage

Under bench storage is typically located in your vanity. At JG King Homes we provide you cupboard storage as standard, however, you may wish to upgrade to drawers to help make the most of the space. Whether you choose drawers or cupboards we recommend organising your under bench storage well with containers and baskets for a neat approach.

Opportunistic Storage

In smaller bathrooms and powder rooms it is important to make the most of available spaces. Opportunistic storage refers to making the most of small spaces. For example, considering bathroom shelving designs and how you can make the most of unused spaces like that over the toilet, whether it be for storage of items like toilet paper or just for décor purposes.

Choosing The Right Bench

When choosing a bathroom bench design it is important to keep in mind the sort of beauty and grooming products you use. Laminex is a great, budget friendly option as it is extremely durable against coloured items like makeup and it is also waterproof. Many people choose to upgrade to Caesarstone for a more luxurious look. While stone is also durable, we recommend choosing a darker colour as stone can be porous and sometimes can be marked by items like makeup or toothpaste.

Also consider the space on your bench. Double vanities can help add much needed space for items like hairdryers, soaps etc. Have a think about your morning and night-time routines and make sure you allow enough bench space to make these flow seamlessly.

What is a good shower?

There are endless options to consider when planning your shower. We advise selecting the shower size first. The standard size for a shower is 900x900mm. However, a popular floorplan choice in many of our collections is to extend this to a 1800x900mm (check out our Johnston 258 floorplan for an example of this). Once the size is finalised, you can select the tiles. Whether you choose to highlight the shower through feature tiles or continue the theme of the bathroom seamlessly through to the shower, the choice is yours! Last but not least, the shower head. The standard approach is a chrome finish shower rail, however there are many upgrade options to choose from including black finishes or a luxurious rain showerhead.

Bathroom design ideas

Your bathroom should be an extension of the style of your home. When it comes to creating your dream bathroom there are many options, from the style and look of the fixtures and fittings to the actual layout of the bathroom.

At JG King Homes our standard inclusions have been selected by a range of experts to ensure that you have high quality, modern features and colours. We also have a range of upgrades available should you wish to choose something special that matches your personal style. From tapware and basins to stone and cabinetry, the options are endless.

When it comes to bathroom layouts, our design team have chosen layouts that maximise space and are suitable for day to day living. We also have options including larger showers and double vanities on most of our designs.

Are The Tiles Right For You

Your bathroom tiles are the perfect opportunity for you to add your personality and flair to your wet areas. Whether you want to add a splash of colour or continue the design of your home through to the bathroom there are plenty of bathroom tile designs to suit.

Floor to ceiling tiles in the bathroom is becoming increasingly popular and help add a luxurious touch to the space. Whether you choose one tile to feature on both the floor and walls, or two different tiles, the look offers a real hotel feel and helps make the space feel larger.

What is a powder room

A powder room is a smaller wet area that includes a toilet and a basin. You see powder rooms regularly in double story homes however, these are becoming more and more popular in larger single storey homes as well. A powder room allows you to have a toilet in a convenient space, so guests don’t have to go wandering through the house.

Need Help With Home Designs? Contact Us Now!

Whether you want a family friendly space or a bathroom that feels like a private spa the team at JG King Homes will help guide you through a suited layout and perfect selections to help complete your space. Explore the images below or visit one of our display homes for endless bathroom inspiration.

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Queensberry 263 Bathroom Talent Low Res 1
Coridale Fitzroy Bathroom Low Res
Fitzroy 257 Ensuite Low Res 1
JGKH608815 Fyansford Williams435 345
Rathdowne310 Recce 057 1
JGKH608815 Fyansford Franklin263 027