Sustainable Home Building Practices for Modern Homes

Jun 30, 2024
Steel frame image

Sustainability is the future of homes. Not just for the environment, but for maintaining a home that you love and want to stay in. Sustainable home building is increasingly essential in today's world, and JG King Homes exemplifies leadership in this field through its innovative and eco-friendly building practices. Here are key sustainable practices that we employ to contribute to sustainable home building.

Steel Frame Construction:

JG King Homes' Iconic Steel Frames

JG King Homes uses TRUECORE® steel frames, which are 100% recyclable and offer significant environmental benefits compared to traditional timber frames. Steel framing not only reduces waste but also eliminates the need for chemical treatments against pests and fire, making homes safer and more eco-friendly.

Energy Efficiency:

All new JG King Homes are built to meet 7-Star energy efficiency standards, ahead of the mandatory regulations in Victoria. This includes using European-style uPVC double-glazed windows and low-E glass, which significantly reduce energy consumption, lower heating and cooling costs, and improve indoor thermal comfort​. The use of energy-efficient windows and proper insulation can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, contributing to lower utility bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions​

Eco-Friendly Materials:

Beyond steel, JG King Homes incorporates other sustainable materials such as Colorbond® steel roofs, which are durable, recyclable, and require less maintenance. Additionally, their use of upcycled and natural materials for interior design aligns with modern sustainability trends.

Site Orientation and Passive Design:

JG King Homes designs each house to maximise natural light and ventilation while minimising heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Effective passive design can reduce heating and cooling energy requirements by up to 40%, creating more comfortable living environments and reducing energy costs. This passive design approach reduces the reliance on artificial heating and cooling, further enhancing energy efficiency and occupant comfort​.

Building new homes, means building homes for the future. JG King is an example of leading new building practises. By integrating these practices, JG King Homes not only meets but often exceeds current sustainability standards, providing homeowners with eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and durable homes.