Smarter Homes: Built with Structural Steel

Apr 19, 2021

Australia is a land of extremes when it comes to the weather, with regional areas especially impacted by its long, hot, dry summers. Extreme weather conditions have the potential to devastate communities, as we learnt from the Black Summer and Black Saturday bushfires, so it is important we build to withstand these conditions. JG King Homes are here to help.

Since 1985, JG King Homes have been producing high-quality, residential housing for Victorian families, starting with the strongest of foundations - steel frames. Every home by JG King Homes starts with a Truecore® steel frame and Colorbond® steel roof, designed to endure Australian conditions such as stronger winds, bushfires, and in city settings, termites and domestic fires. You get a high-quality home and the peace of mind of a 50-year structural warranty.

Fortifying buildings with more sustainable steel structures have proved an important advantage for JG King Homes, which started in 1985 in Ballarat Victoria. JG King Homes now has offices across Melbourne and Regional Victoria with a network of local contractors, creating a boost in employment and a vision for greater growth in the state.

The lure of regional lifestyle, combined with unparalleled amenities and affordability, has meant JG King Homes has seen record sales in regional Victoria the past few months. As well as the display homes already on ground, JG King Homes has plans to open more display homes across the state in 2021. Beyond homes, JG King Homes are passionate about supporting local initiatives in each region.

"What if we can build more than their home? What if we can play a role in building the community around them? Our commitment to our clients goes beyond contractual obligations - we have a bigger focus in mind and we're passionate about supporting local communities."

- John G. King, Founder.

For a list of steel frame display homes and opening hours, click here.