Posted on September 02, 2021

Your new home deserves stunning window furnishings, but how do you choose the best ones?

Here we’ll show you the most popular window coverings to help you decide.

What are the best window furnishings?

Window furnishings come in different styles, so choosing is partly a matter of taste.

But did you know that window furnishings also have different pros and cons?

For example, some window furnishings keep your home secure, while others will help keep your energy bills low.

Read on to discover which window furnishings suit your tastes, needs and budget.


It’s easy to see why shutters are so popular with JG King Homes customers .

External shutters are very secure, helping to prevent break-ins.

Internal shutters are like sturdier venetian blinds, and are good at blocking hot sun and noise.

Shutters are also easy to clean with a soft brush or vacuum, especially compared to window furnishings like curtains which need to be dismantled and laundered.

Because shutters come in a huge range of materials, colours and textures, it’s easy to choose shutters to match your space.

Tip: Use wide-blade shutters to make small rooms feel spacious and to let in more daylight.

Timber Venetians

Venetians are another popular window furnishing and loved for their timeless look.

Venetians also come in a range of materials, but the timber ones bring warmth and texture to the space.

Another thing to love about timber venetians is the price. A little flimsier than shutters, they’re also cheaper.

Like shutters, venetians can also be tilted to give you more control over how much light enters the room.

Tip: Use timber venetians in bedrooms and living spaces to make them feel cosy, or in practical rooms like the laundry or kitchen to soften the look.

Roller Blinds

Wondering what are the best window furnishings? Many would say roller blinds.

Roller blinds are one of the most affordable window furnishings available.

Aside from being a bargain, roller blinds suit both classic and modern styling, so they’re easy to match with your interior design.

While roller blinds don’t block light as completely as shutters do, they can be doubled up to create a nice effect.

With double roller blinds, you can easily adjust the amount of light in the room to create the perfect atmosphere.

Tip: Invest in automated blinds for intelligent temperature control—you’ll appreciate it in summer, we promise!


There’s much to love about these classic window furnishings.

Curtains create a soft, flowing look to suit both modern and classic interiors.

While they’re less easy to clean than other options, they’re easier to install in the first place.

With so many fabrics, textures and colours to choose from, it’s easy to customise curtains to get the look you want.

The thicker and heavier your curtains are, the better climate control and noise blocking you can get in your space.

Tip: Install curtains in your home theatre to block out light, keep in warmth and absorb sound for that pro cinema experience.

Smart window furnishings

Wouldn’t it be great to control your window coverings with the touch of a button?

Whether you’ve got curtains, blinds, venetians or shutters, you can get them automated and motorised.

Automated window furnishings let you open and close them from your device, even when you’re not at home using an app.

Tip: Use automation to help keep your home secure when you’re away. By opening or closing your window coverings remotely, your home will appear to be occupied.

Window furnishings bonus tips

Choosing your window furnishing is easier when you know what benefits each type offers.

Whether your priorities are budget, style, security or energy use, you’ll find the right furnishings for you.

While shutters are secure and venetians are easy to clean, blinds are affordable and curtains give the most choice in colours, patterns and textures

Bonus Tip: Feel free to use different window furnishings throughout the house, creating different looks across different parts of the house.

Bonus Bonus Tip: But don’t get too carried away! Be sure to keep window coverings consistent within a single room.

Need inspiration?

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