Our Favourite 4 Bedroom House Designs For Any Sized Block

Sep 05, 2022
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Our Favourite 4 Bedroom House Designs For Any Sized Block | JG King Homes

To fulfil the requirements of many Australian households, four bedroom house plans are the most popular bedroom selection at 32.6% (increased from 28.8% since the previous Census data was published in 2016). This is no surprise to JG King Homes as 4 bedrooms provide greater flexibility and choice in a home, and aligns with the majority of the homes we build.

Not only does a four bedroom home allow plenty of sleeping space, it also creates flexibility for you to adapt your home to your changing needs. As an example, bedrooms are generally a minimum of 3mx3m (approximately 11m2 including a robe), which creates the opportunity to transform the room into a study or extra living space. Alternatively, a study is normally a bit smaller (approximately 7m2, excluding a robe) therefore making it difficult to convert into a bedroom if required. The flexibility of a four bedroom home will maximize the future saleability of your home. Past research has taught us that 4 bedroom house floor plans attract a substantially greater premium than a 3 bedroom house plans with a study!

In this blog, we will cover all the tips and tricks when it comes to different block types and showcase our most popular four bedroom house plan on a few key land sizes.

Single Storey Blocks

Building 4 bedroom house plans single storey has pros and cons. Here is a quick summary for you:

  • Everything you need is on one level
  • Most cost-effective solution on block (versus a double storey home the same size)
  • Your block size will limit the size of home you can build. Most land developments have rules around site coverage with a maximum of 60% generally being the limit (excluding on small lot housing code blocks). For example, if you own a 400m2 block, the largest dwelling permissible would be 240m2 in size
  • Narrow blocks often only have a single car garage i.e. generally blocks less than 12.5m wide in frontage

Apart from beds, bathrooms and cars, the key difference with most single storey homes is the number of living rooms. As a bare minimum, all homes will generally feature a combined/open plan meals and family area. The main difference with a bigger 4 bedroom house design is additional living areas, providing choice and flexibility for your family. A common reason to have a second living area, is that it affords one space for the parents, the other for the children, avoiding hot competition for the TV remote!

One other key factor that differs in single storey home designs is the location of bedrooms, specifically the master bedroom. Preferences here are vastly different. Often parents will prefer the master at the front of the home for security reasons, however a drawback is that the room is close to the garage which may not work depending on when household members access the garage. For example, if one person that sleeps in the master bedroom leaves for work early, a noisy garage from a car starting could result in waking up anyone still asleep in the master bedroom. Many others prefer to have the master bedroom at the back of the home to avoid this garage noise and any other noise from the street.

The Spice 189 is our most popular four-bedroom floorplan. Bedrooms are isolated down one side of the home, with living and entertaining spaces to the other. The master suite is situated at the front of the home and comes complete with a walk-in robe and ensuite.

Double Story Blocks

A four bedroom home in a double storey design is another approach. This too has its pros and cons.

  • Build a much bigger house, due to two levels and the ability to build a lot more, whilst adhering to the 60% site coverage rule
  • Double car garage possible on narrower blocks
  • Better views from the first level
  • Bedrooms on both levels. This can be particularly important for multi-generational living. A common feature is a master bedroom on each level, with both featuring their own walk-in robes and ensuite.
  • Separation of living and sleeping areas to prevent noise from waking up other residents
  • More expensive than a single storey home due to the additional build costs such as scaffolding and support beams
  • Stairs can be a safety hazard for children and the elderly

As outlined above, probably the biggest advantage (excluding taking advantage of views) is the ability to fit a lot larger home on the same parcel of land.

When it comes to catering for multi-generations, a normal approach is to separate the bedrooms by floors. For example, a house plan would feature four bedrooms upstairs for the main family, then a second master bedroom downstairs with an ensuite and walk-in robe. This provides both separation and privacy. While this approach may not be standard in many of our floorplans, it is often a floorplan choice to adapt the plan in this way. For example our Nolan, Lambert, and Williams floorplans all afford this possibility.

Narrow Blocks of Land

A four-bedroom home can still be achieved on a narrow block of land (eg. 10.5m wide or less). However, in some cases, the compromise will be a single car garage instead of a double car garage.

We have a few home designs with these features, such as the Manningham 188 and Ocean 156.

However, if you don’t want to compromise on two car spots in your garage, our Highett achieves this with four bedrooms. You will however need a deeper block of land.

Wide Blocks of Land

Land blocks that are wider than 10.5m deliver endless options and often give more flexibility to adjust the layout of the plan to better suit your needs. One key consideration is the number of living areas you seek and for what purpose.

The Johnston 258 features four bedrooms on a 16 metre wide block of land. The design offers an uber comfortable lifestyle with three living areas and huge storage spaces. The kitchen, meals, family and alfresco area can be zoned off from the rest of the home to entertain in style.

Large & Spacious Blocks of Land

When building on acreage there are generally less constraints on the home design chosen and the key decision is around the usability of the land. A key item to consider is how you position the home on your block of land to maximise natural sunlight in the living and outdoor areas. Check out our orientation blog where we discuss this in greater detail.

Two other considerations on a larger block:

  • Easements: Ensure you understand any easements on your block, as these can impact the areas you can build on.
  • Fall of the block, or in other words the slope. As a rough guide be careful of any blocks of land with greater than 1 metre of fall. The greater the fall over your block, the less home design options you will have. In certain cases, builders will not build on lots with fall greater than a certain meterage i.e. greater than 1-2 metres.

Our Forest 216 floorplan is a popular choice when building on large and spacious blocks of land. But it doesn’t stop there, we have an extensive range of homes suited for these large blocks, ranging from 21sq up to a monstrous 50sq.

Find out more about 4 bedroom house designs for your home

JG King Homes have a number of 4 bedroom home designs, with hundreds of floorplan choices. This allows you to create a home that is perfect for you.

As we have discussed, four bedrooms can be achieved on all different land types and gives you the flexibility to transform rooms as required, ultimately increasing the appeal of your home if you choose to sell it.