Is Your Home Winter-Ready?

May 31, 2018

When hibernation season hits, you want your home to be a cosy haven that you’re happy to spend time in. Our top six winter-ready tips will have you all set for snuggling in no time.

1. Update your interior with a winter colour palette

When the mercury dips, monochrome plays a starring role in both our wardrobes and interior styling. It’s chic, sure, but colour matching the sky can feel a bit dreary. Add a burst of winter sunshine with soft furnishings in warm tones – think burnt orange, rust red, mustard, magenta and olive. For a final flourish, add luxe gold accents. The metallic finish will bounce light around the room, casting a warm golden glow.

2. Create ambience with lighting

As the days get shorter and the evenings get longer, lighting becomes even more important. Lamps are your best bet for achieving the ideal ambience – use a combination of pendant lights, floor lamps and table lamps to get the mood just right. Focus your attention on certain areas to create a feeling of intimacy: a statement pendant over the dining table, a floor lamp in a dark corner of the living room and a table lamp close to the sofa.

3. Cosy up with soft, textured blankets

Having a blanket or throw within arm’s reach is a sure-fire way to stay snug, but this décor piece covers more than just that. The texture it adds, can instantly make a space feel homely, while a strategically placed throw over a leather sofa or a wooden chair, softens cold surfaces. Knits, faux furs and cashmere blankets are a great choice for winter.

4. Feel the warmth under your feet

Pile on as many layers as you like, but if your feet are cold, your whole body feels the chill. If you have tiled or even hardwood floors, you’ll probably find your interior extra tricky to heat in winter. In these scenarios, a rug is a quick and easy fix. Place floor runners in hallways, a plush area rug in the heart of your living space, and consider a few smaller, non-slip mats in areas where you need to stand for any length of time, such as in front of your bathroom vanity (make sure it’s washable!)

5. Draught-proof your home

A nice breeze through the house might be a godsend in summer, but in winter it will send your power bills through the roof! Keep cold air out and warm air in, with window coverings and curtains. If you only have sheers, consider installing an additional curtain rail to accommodate a second, heavier curtain layer for extra insulation. Close off rooms with doors (a small space is far easier to keep warm) and if required, add draught stoppers to prevent cold air from entering under doors – there are so many stylish options these days.

6. Fill your home with wintery aromas

Nothing feels more comforting than having the scent of a home-cooked roast or hearty soup wafting through your hallways, so get busy in the kitchen whipping up all your favourite winter-warmers. As a longer lasting alternative, seek out candles enriched with your favourite winter notes, like cinnamon, sandalwood, cloves or vanilla.