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How to Style the Sweetest Nursery

Oct 17, 2019

While the lead up to the arrival of a new baby can be an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming. From prenatal appointments to signing up for childbirth classes and picking out a car seat, styling a nursery might not be at the top of your to-do list. But it’s also the one space that will be home to new memories, so it’s best not to leave it to the last minute. We’ve put together a simple guide to move planning your baby’s nursery into high gear and make it the ultimate space for you and your baby.

Wall Paint
While you might be tempted to paint the nursery walls a colour that matches your baby’s gender, why not experiment with art and decorations instead? Keeping most of the walls neutral allows you to have a bit of fun with wallpaper, textures and wall hangings. Before embarking on a feature wall, consider flooring first to ensure they complement one another.

Carpet is great for avoiding noise when walking around the nursery (nobody wants to wake the bubs during nap time!). But if your existing floor is laminate or timber, you can still keep noise to a minimum (and add a touch of luxe) with a plush or wool rug in a pretty pastel or neutral shade. Also, spills will happen so be sure to opt for a rug that’s easy to spot-clean!

Dimmer lights are a godsend for creating "sleepy" mood lighting or gently waking your little one without hurting their eyes. If you haven’t installed a dimmer switch, place an easily accessible lamp or night light in the room so you can check in on your baby without disrupting their slumber.

Change Table
Organisation is key when it comes to your baby change table. You’ll want to make sure everything you need (diapers, rompers, towels and skincare) is within reach. Pick a freestanding change table that is light – and preferably mobile so you can easily move it around the nursery or home. Change mats are also great as they’re portable and therefore great for hassle-free nappy changes on the go. To keep your little one entertained (or distracted!) during change-time, hang a toy from the ceiling.

Choosing a cot
The baby’s cot is the one piece of furniture that you shouldn’t scrimp on – you’ll get extra mileage out of it as you continue to expand your family. Not only do you have to choose a cot that adheres to Australia’s safety standards, you should also think of investing in a cot that easily converts into a single bed for when your baby grows into toddler. Style-wise, opt for natural timber or white to keep furnishings neutral, then use bedding to brighten and add character to the room.

When it comes down to choosing bedding, get creative. Since you’ll be needing multiple sets, a great place to start is different themes. From jungle to starry nights, the possibilities are endless! Take the theme one step further and extend to small accents of the room like the armchair cushion or decor details. For materials, you can’t go wrong with 100% cotton – it’s soft to touch, breathable and great for your baby’s skin.

Nursery Armchair
You’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so you’ll want to be comfortable. Spoil yourself with a roomy armchair that you can sit in for extended periods to rock your baby to sleep, feed, play and cuddle. Complement the armchair with a side table to place all those baby necessities within reach. This piece of furniture will be another one that holds a lot of precious memories of cuddle and reading time so choose something you love.

To make a nursery dreamy, comforting and cute, it comes down to the smallest details. This is where your baby will make their first memories, so you’ll want to fill it with warmth and happiness. What’s more, they help capture baby’s attention and fill their days with pure delight. Start by choosing pieces that work back with colours and bedding themes and add wall art or hangings as you go along.

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