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How to Get the Monochrome Look

Jan 20, 2021
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A black and white monochrome colour scheme in a home is a classic. Far from boring, the balance of dark and light work together to create contrast and intrigue. The monochrome look can also be achieved with an alternative ombré colour scheme that uses various tones of the same colour to create a dynamic yet cohesive appearance. Executed well, a monochromatic style can completely transform your space. Here are our top tips for mastering a monochrome colour palette at home.

Choose your palette

In our Carson 299 display home at Alfredton Estate, we opted for an elegant black and white palette. Firstly, start by picking a base colour, which will act as your dominant colour. In Carson, we chose white. Then, add a range of tones, tints, and hues of grey and hints of black to build depth and personality in the room. Large pieces of furniture, like your sofa, are great items to have upholstered in your base colour to reinforce your palette.

Layer with textures and patterns

Texture and pattern play an important role in adding interest to your space and breaking things up so everything doesn’t all blend into each other. Soft furnishings like cushions, throws or rugs are the ideal accessories to introduce layers into the space. However, texture can also be found in unexpected places, such as in timbers or woven natural fibres, which give an interior a more authentic and inviting feel.

Consider artwork in your palette

Textured wallpaper and artwork are great ways to enhance your monochrome interior. While the colours are complementary to the rest of the interior, choosing striking pieces of artwork will ensure each piece pops on your walls.

Want to add just a hint of another colour?

Traditionally, monochromatic interior stylists never stray too far from a strict monochrome colour palette. However, for a fresh modern take, we opted for burnt orange scatter cushions and some green plants throughout Carson to create a warm and inviting space you can’t wait to move into.

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