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Five Ways to Nail the Industrial Look

Sep 12, 2019
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Cool and effortless industrial style is all the rage and a popular interior design trend with the team here at JG King Homes.

The best part is that it’s budget-friendly and can easily be interpreted to reflect your own tastes and lifestyle.

How to master industrial interior design

So, what are the essentials of industrial style interior design?

  1. A rich and deep colour palette
  2. Mix and match a range of materials
  3. Exposed or ‘undone’ fittings
  4. Open spaces with a sense of height

In this article we’ll take you through five ways you can nail the industrial look.

1. Layer textures in living rooms

Large black and white prints, shaggy rugs and iron fixtures create living spaces that look perfectly thrown together.

Tough it up with sturdy materials and fabrics! Metal, timber, leather, checks and tweed – go wild. You can even add a cool touch of marble on your coffee or side tables.

Finish off with some pendant lighting in the kitchen and bedrooms for a striking look.

Top tip: Mimic the exposed brick look with wallpaper.

2. Industrial decor

Create a dreamy industrial home decor mood with exposed shelves or a dark ladder bookshelf to host all your books. Heavy drapes and textured stone benchtops are the way to go.

Remember an industrial feel is all about keeping things raw and undone.

Top tip: Balance black, white, grey and chocolate for a monochromatic industrial look.

3. Seamless open spaces

Industrial lends well to open-plan living with wide, generous spaces.

Use similar fittings and fixtures across the lounge, kitchen and family areas to create a consistent industrial look in your home.

The same goes for outdoors!

Think dramatic concrete with chunky outdoor furniture (we recommend you scout some second-hand stores or flea markets for fabulous bargain finds) and ample room to entertain.

Top tip: Choose outdoor furniture that is low and deep to enhance the sense of space.

4. Minimalist accessories

Industrial design pairs really well with a minimalist approach. Aim to keep your surfaces clutter-free and clean.

Abstract wall art, metal structures and interesting objects with a story are ideal conversionation-starters.

We love to combine wood and metal, mixing old and new materials in the design such as a vintage bedside table with a sleek brass lamp.

5. Create blocky silhouettes

Silhouettes are a clever way to create an industrial look in any space.

Shapes for this interior design style often consist of squared lines and blocky figures to create a sense of utilitarian cohesiveness in your look.

But this doesn’t mean you need to avoid curved objects or abstract shapes!

Keep them to a minimum and balance this with harsher pieces to preserve the industrial style.

Our take on the industrial style

Carson 299

On display at 202 Ballarat-Carngham Road, Alfredton 3350

Carson's design easily adapts to the spacious industrial style with up to four bedrooms and four living areas including an alfresco.

This Alfredton display home features plenty of industrial design features that will be sure to inspire! Including black pendant lights with an urban edge, soft grey accents and large black and white prints that create an effortless monochromatic look.

Maclaine 33

On display at 56 Cormorant Boulevard, Kialla 3631

Maclaine is charismatic, creative and convenient. From the sleek black tile splashback in the kitchen to the stunning full height sheer curtains in the living room, this is industrial interior style at its best.

Visit our Kialla display home and discover how the JG King Homes design team combines texture and light to create your urban retreat.

Franklin 263

On display at 99 Park Lane, Traralgon 3844

The Franklin is a great example of using colour to create industrial chic.

This Traralgon display home features golden tones, brass accents and dark wood throughout. Plenty of leafy indoor plants in every room help to soften the colour palette. In the Franklin plants are scattered throughout in large ceramic pots or cascading from above.

Hudson 33

On display at 3 Preece Lane, Aintree 3336

Hudson features a large, integrated meals, family and alfresco, providing an exceptional amount of space for families to gather and entertain.

One of our most popular Rockbank display homes, geometric shapes and curved lines bring the industrial feel to life in the Hudson with a softer approach. Think black hardware, patterned tiles and industrial bedside tables.

Get inspired with JG King Homes

Inspired by the industrial design trend? Visit your nearest JG King display homes to chat with our New Home Consultants about how you can bring your dream home to life.