Posted on September 12, 2019

What a time we live in. Boundaries are blurred and gone are the clear demarcations. Think about denim – the material was initially used for functional items like making tents, or horse blankets. Today, it has evolved into an undoubtedly main staple in any wardrobe across the country. The same applies to interior design trends.

Gone are the days where warehouses are looked upon as just grubby sites. Their cool, effortless industrial look is all the rage and one of the most requested design styles. The best part is that it’s budget-friendly and can be easily interpreted to still reflect your own personal style.

Wall Decor

Exposed brick walls are hard to come by these days. Don’t fret though, you can easily mimic the impressive warehouse feel with wallpaper. Also try floor-to-ceiling tiles in the bathrooms for a minimal, concrete look. Chic!


Tough it up with sturdy materials and fabrics! Metal, timber, leather, checks, tweeds – go wild. You can even add a cool touch of marble on your coffee or side tables. Finish off with some pendant lighting in the kitchen and bedrooms for an organic, almost coarse look.

Colour Scheme

Keep the colours neutral and muted… or dare we say, “masculine”. Blacks, chocolate, and deep greys balanced out with whites and light greys help create a monochromatic industrial look.


Good news - you won’t have to spend extra time and money covering up! Exposed shelves, chunky benchtops and dramatic drapes are the way to go. Remember - an industrial feel is all about keeping things raw and “undone”.


Big. Open. Spaces. is the name of the game here! For starters, try an exposed aggregate driveway. Think: dramatic concrete with chunky outdoor furniture (go scout around some second-hand stores or flea markets for bargain finds) and wide seats, with plenty of room to entertain!

For more inspiration, view our Industrial styled home, Newman 33 from the Allure Collection:

Displayed at Riverside Estate

25-27 Woodbridge Street

Killara Vic 2071

View Newman 33 floorplan and inclusions here.