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Features and Finishes in Your Dream Home

Jul 25, 2019
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Your dream home is coming together—how exciting! But before the build can start and you can crack the champagne, it’s time for one of the most rewarding stages of your dream home selection: sorting out your final touches.

You’ve already poured so much love, time and energy into getting to this point. You’ve had a hard look at your finances. You’ve considered what your family might look like years from now. You’ve found the suburb of your dreams. Don’t let it all go to waste by stumbling at the last hurdle.

The finishes that you choose can have a major impact on the appeal and liveability of your home. Take the care at this final stage to work closely with your sales consultant in selecting the elements that are going to make your home pop.

Here, we’ll run through some of the most popular items on new buyers’ wishlist.

Popular Upgrades

By far, the most popular upgrades are found in two main areas: the kitchen and the bathroom. Not only are these the two rooms that we spend a lot of time in, but they’re also the areas that have a lot of functionality associated with them. And finally, you’ve heard the phrase, ‘kitchens sell houses’, but you may not know that a close second on that list is the bathroom, because these rooms are perceived as the most tedious and expensive for new owners to renovate.

With this in mind, it’s worthwhile considering upgrades that won’t age or date over time. That’s how you’ll ensure that decisions made today are rewarded in the future. Stone bench tops, for example, are a popular choice. Not only do they radiate a timeless elegance, but they’re super simple to maintain and clean, meaning minimal wear and tear.

Opt for cabinetry and joinery that won’t date over time—the simpler, the better. The same goes for tapware and the finer details. But even then, there are a range of options at your fingertips. Modern or traditional? Country-style or mid-century? Having a firm idea of the aesthetic that you want to permeate your entire room with will stand you in good stead for making smart final touch choices. These elements can elevate your home more than you might at first think possible, and the good quality fittings will stand the test of time.

Keep in mind that the colour on the walls, as well as the hue of mouldings like grout and skirting boards can make a big difference. If you’ve picked out your palette beforehand, you’ll have the best chance of a cohesive end result.

Another popular upgrade in cutting edge modern homes is smart wiring. Gone are the days of an old radiator to keep warm, or a doorbell to let someone in. Now, homes might integrate technology into climate control, security, and everyday home assistance like lighting, music and blinds.

Popular Design Options

Once you have your home design in mind, you’ll also be presented with a tempting list of design options that you can add on or tweak. It’s important to remember how you think you’ll use your home now and in the future. A pool, for example, often seems like a great idea until you have to maintain it.

Some of the most commonly chosen features include a butler’s pantry, to stow away mess and to keep the kitchen as a beautiful entertaining space; a study nook, perfect for those without space for a separate room but who still want to keep important documents and papers in the one tidy place; and open plan living, perfect for modern day family life.

And finally, more and more, new home builders are thinking about how they can make the most of the outdoor space they have as a secondary dining and entertainment area. This is why there has been a strong shift towards alfresco dining and outdoor terraces, some even with a complete outdoor kitchen to enjoy warm summer evenings and Sunday afternoons. It also doesn’t hurt to think about how a little can go a long way in terms of landscaping.

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