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Decorating Your Home for the Christmas Holidays

Dec 02, 2019
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Melbourne’s Christmas lights get bigger and better every year. The city’s suburban streets are renowned for their spectacular driveway displays, with fairy lights and illuminated characters meticulously lining front yards. But it’s not just the streets that get bedazzled this time of year. Equally as enjoyable is transforming the interior of your home, delighting in the spirit of Christmas. With so many options to choose from, we have put together our top tips to bring a festive touch to your home these holidays.

O Christmas Tree
Arguably the crowning glory of festive decorating, the Christmas tree should be your first port of call. Whether you opt for a real or artificial tree, each comes with pros and cons. An artificial tree is undeniably convenient, with the ability to store it and use year after year. However, if time and space allow, a fresh tree adds a gorgeous feel and fragrance to a room. Either way, once you’ve chosen your tree, pick a roomy corner of the home with plenty of space for gifts and cosying up with friends and family.

Not so white Christmas
Christmas in the southern hemisphere is a different kind of affair – with sun replacing snow and barbeques instead of fireplaces. Embrace the season and add a touch of bright summer colours to your Christmas décor. Take inspiration from Tiffany & Co’s turquoise-styled tree or try a medley of pink, blue or yellow instead. Try replacing reindeers with other summer-inspired ornaments to start your own summer Christmas traditions at home.

Silent Night
The first layer on your tree should always be the lights. Consider the height of your tree, the length of lights and the closest power point. Rope in an extra pair of hands to help avoid any tangles, and start at the bottom, wrapping the lights around the tree until you get to the top. Then, make your way back down, ensuring consistent placement towards the ends of the branches. After all, visibility is key. If you leave them on when you go to bed, the distant glimmer will add be a comforting reminder that holidays are near.

Joy to the World
If chosen with purpose, Christmas decorations can be a great conversation starter. Luckily, each year, retail stores get more creative with their Christmas decorations, providing an endless bevvy of ornaments to choose from. Stars, bells, personalised ornaments and even little flamingos for a tropical-inspired tree can be found. Whether you like ornate baubles or less traditional options, have your ornaments reflect your own style and personality.

Making a list
Wrap your presents in the same colour you’ve used to style your tree or choose complementary shades to your living room. Gold and white look great with grey, while soft pastels work beautifully with Scandinavian style furniture. Stick to two or three colours for a more monochromatic and contemporary look. Don’t forego fun in the name of cohesion though! Add stripes or patterns in the same colours and very quickly you’ll have a lively, stylish corner of your home.

Do you see what I see?
Choose a topper to complete the look of your Christmas tree, co-ordinating it with your theme and colours. Add a wreath to the front door and a centrepiece to your Christmas table for a festive aura throughout your home. Festoon your TV cabinet with ornaments, hurricane candles and tealights scattered throughout for a warm and inviting ambience, perfect for the meaning of Christmas – spending time with friends and family.

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