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7 Interior Design Trends to get you Inspired in 2021

Jul 27, 2021
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Are you feeling inspired to browse the latest interior design trends of 2021?

Whether you’re considering our JG King Home Collections or have already signed a contract, it’s never too soon to design your dream home.

Here, we showcase some of the most popular trends in interior design today.

Inspired by the changing world of the pandemic era, many of these trends break from earlier styles or recall simpler times.

2021 Design Trends

1. Big comfy couches

It’s no surprise that the pandemic is influencing interior design trends in 2021.

With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, it makes sense that comfort is becoming a priority.

This year, big comfy couches are all the rage. Think three to four-seater couches with fluffy cushions you can melt into.

Now that we are using our living rooms for so much more than relaxation at the end of the day, the big comfy couch trend is as practical as it is stylish.

With a big comfy couch, your living room becomes a space for work, zoom meetings, help kids with homework, and eating with the family.

2. CottageCore

Continuing with the comfort theme, cottagecore has become popular for its safe and cosy vibes.

CottageCore is a vintage style inspired by old fashioned cottages and country living.

Think gingham table cloths and still life paintings of fruit and flowers—basically the sweet old granny look.

CottageCore is also a versatile style that you can tailor to suit your unique tastes.

For example, rustic vogue is a sophisticated and glamorous version of cottagecore, which you can achieve with stylised artwork prints and antique wooden furniture.

3. Maximalism

It wasn’t all that long ago when the minimalistic look dominated home décor.

The minimalist look featured muted (usually all-white) colour schemes and simple straight-edged furniture.

But now, interior designers and stylists are saying goodbye to this old trend, favouring the exact opposite--minimalism.

Get this loud, playful and colourful look by combining many different patterns and textures across your furniture.

Tie it all together with one or two common underlying colours.

4. Yellow and grey

If you like to take your cues from the pros, consider Pantone’s colours of the year.

The company is most famous for its Pantone Color Matching System, which allows designers across many industries to refer to the same colour.

Every year, Pantone releases its colour of the year which becomes an inspiration for design trends.

This year it released not one but two colours-- PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.

This yellow and grey combo complement each other for an attractive and hopeful look.

5. Primary colours

As you can see, many of the interior design trends of 2021 are becoming bolder than those of previous years. And this next trend we have for you is no exception.

If you love the arty look, it’s time to try a primary palate.

Get this style by introducing primary coloured statement pieces against mostly neutral furniture.

Choose just one or two primary colours from the possible options of red, yellow or blue.

Statement pieces can include feature walls, lamps, artworks, prints, or sculptures.

6. Warm tones

As interior design trends away from the sleek minimalistic look, it trends towards the use of comforting shades.

And as we grind our way through this pandemic, warm tones are here to bring us good cheer in 2021.

Rock this trend by introducing yellow, orange, pink and red furniture throughout the home.

Another way to do it is with earthy tones, bringing more wood and deep browns into the home.

Even cool colours like green, grey and blue can come in warmer shades to bring you and the family comfort.

7. Tropical

If you’re loving the comfy and relaxing vibes of the 2021 trends, you’ll love the tropical look.

This interior home style fad is vivacious and exotic, blending global styles from far-off destinations.

Get the look with leaf and floral patterns, decadent fabrics and wooden furniture.

It’s also inspired by flamboyant colours, especially jungle greens, beachy blues and lemony yellows.

With travel still many months away, this trend brings paradise to your home.

Looking for interior design ideas?

These are just a few of our favourite interior design trends in 2021, but inspiration doesn’t have to end there.

You can get even more ideas by browsing our JG King Homes Instagram Page with its photos of expertly styled homes.

There’s nothing quite like a walk-through to get you inspired. Come and see our display homes for fabulous home décor ideas.