Posted on February 28, 2020

Like jewellery for an outfit, decor details – whether it’s paint, wallpaper or art - showcase personality and can elevate a room from great to simply stunning. Creative wall decor ideas, right this way…

1. Create a gallery wall

Grouping artworks in a salon hang makes big impact for little effort. There are no real rules here: mix in photos, smaller artworks and framed keepsakes for an eclectic feel. Choose a common colour or style of frame for consistency and then add interest by mixing textures, shapes and sizes. Visual balance is very important, so before you hang, lay everything on the floor and have a play until you’re happy.

2. Size matters

Choosing and displaying artwork in a room is an art in itself. If you have white or neutral walls, an oversized artwork can become a fabulous feature that you can use as the starting point for a whole-room scheme. Consider engaging a professional art installer to ensure the work is hung correctly.

3. Mirrors, mirrors

Make a room feel brighter and more spacious with mirrors – they visually extend a space and reflect both light and views. Treat them like art and hang a single mirror as a feature or arrange smaller pieces in a cluster for interest.

4. Wallpaper and decals

Use wallpaper as a feature to create a focal point in a room. From intricate prints to vibrant block colours to photo-like murals, the options are virtually endless. A beautiful way to bring kids’ bedrooms to life, especially if you play into their hobbies and interests.

5. Bring the outside in

Vertical gardens are increasingly popular. Choose a wall-mounted design for indoor plants, then select planters for shape, colour and texture. Be sure to choose the correct light for your greenery to ensure they thrive.

6. Wainscoting and cladding

Whether your style is coastal, Art Deco or shabby chic, panelling delivers character, texture and visual interest. Try it in a hallway as a decorative trim or go all out with a feature wall of decorative cladding or vertical joinery.

7. Textured décor

Introduce an earthy element with grass cloth wallpaper, macramé hangings or woven wall art. Particularly useful for softening clean-lined spaces and bringing warmth to a bedroom.

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