50 Reasons to Choose Steel for Your New Home

Jun 26, 2019

Steel lends itself to creative design – if you can dream it, architects, engineers and builders can make it happen with steel. Unlike timber, it doesn’t rot, split or absorb moisture, plus it’s resistant to fire and pests. Steel is sustainable and 100% recyclable, helping cement its reputation as a futureproof building material.

Since 1985, we’ve been investing in steel frames, so your home will be a great investment for you. That’s why each frame is backed by a 50-year structural warranty from BlueScope steel. It’s an investment for your future that’s built to stand the test of time. A house is your second most valuable asset, only after the health and safety of your family. At JG King, you are protected by the strength of a Truecore® steel frame and Colorbond® steel roof as standard with your new home. Still not convinced a steel frame is the way to go? Here are our 50 top reasons why steel is the stronger, safer, healthier and smarter choice.


1. Steel frame homes are less likely to ignite in domestic fire and bushfire conditions.

2. Steel frames contribute to Victoria’s minimum Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 12.5.

3. Steel is non-combustible.

4. Steel doesn’t add fuel load, reducing the speed at which fires can spread.

5. As fire does not spread as quickly, there is reduced risk to neighbouring properties in case of fire.

6. Steel’s fire rating does not degrade during the lifecycle of the home.

7. A reduced fire risk = safer environment.

8. Damage from floods and harsh weather is minimised.

9. Lightning strikes will not affect the home as steel creates a positive earth, so the energy enters straight into the ground and is not dissipated destructively.

10. Steel is lightweight and easier for tradespeople to carry.

11. Steel frames provide a safe, stable conduit for services.

12. Steel does not rot or deteriorate and catastrophic structural failures are minimised, keeping your

family safe.

13. Truecore® steel is produced by BlueScope Steel, quality accredited and the biggest supplier of steel in Australia.


14. Steel is stronger and more durable than timber.

15. Steel won’t split, warp or swell.

16. Steel is more effective and resilient in harsh Australian climate and weather conditions.

17. The strength to weight performance of steel is unmatched with any other building material.

18. CSIRO recommend a house with a steel frame and steel roof trusses as it will be more fire resistant.

19. An estimated one in five houses are affected by termites in Victoria (CSIRO).

20. Steel frames are 100% termite and borer proof.

21. Termites cause less damage in a steel frame home compared to a timber frame.

22. Steel strength, quality and quantity are monitored in a controlled factory environment.

23. Prefabricated steel frames and trusses are engineered and certified using Eurocadd® steel framing software.

24. There is less chance of cracking plasterboard with a steel frame.

25. Ceiling and walls stay straight and true.

26. Door jamming and window sticking are less likely to occur as steel frames maintain their original quality and form.

27. 'Plaster doesn't ripple or bump and therefore nails don't pop through walls due to moisture and expansion like they would with a timber frame.'

28. There is less ongoing maintenance required with a steel frame.


29. Steel frames and trusses do not need to be treated with harsh chemicals to meet construction standards.

30. Steel is fungal proof and does not rot.

31. Steel is allergy free and healthier, as there are no pesticides or herbicides required in construction.

32. Steel is 100% recyclable.

33. Approximately 22 pine trees are cut down to make a timber frame home compared to no

deforestation in steel frame manufacture.

34. Truecore® steel frames are made from 40% recycled material.

35. Steel recycling reduces solid waste and landfill space.

36. Material wastage is minimised as steel frames are measured and manufactured to exact tolerances and specifications for each project.

37. Steel is a material that can be recycled continually over centuries with no loss in quality, lowering the burden on future generations – the very definition of sustainability.

38. Tradespeople such as plasterers, carpenters and painters, prefer the precise finishes created by steel frames and trusses, making their job easier and more enjoyable!


39. Steel frame homes can provide better architectural designs with straighter, more stable walls as steel does not warp or bend.

40. Steel frames allow for wide spans and flexible designs to suit modern trends.

41. Steel allows for greater overall design flexibility.

42. Steel frames are generally faster to install than timber.

43. Steel frames are easier to work with on site thanks to pre-drilled holes for plumbing and electrical services.

44. Steel is compatible with all other building materials.

45. It is quicker to install plaster in a steel frame home compared to a timber frame, where more preparation is required.

46. There is no risk of your warranty being voided due to lack of annual termite treatments.

47. You can expect savings of up to $30,000 in termite infestation costs that could be incurred with a timber frame.

48. Our steel frames are Australian made.

49. Your home will last, without deteriorating or becoming a nest for vermin compared to a timber frame home.

50 year structural warranty backed by BlueScope Steel.