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5 Hot Interior Design Trends for 2018

Mar 29, 2018
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Thinking about throwing away your old decor? Whether you want a whole new look or a simple refresher, the following interior design trends are sure to inspire. Catering to all budgets, they can even evolve from your existing style.

1 - Brohemian

The brohemian look is a variant on the bohemian look, which has been popular for the last couple of years. This is great news for anyone who wants to continue along the boho vibe while sprucing up their home. Brohemian retains the all-white beachy look but adds some masculine tribal elements like geometric patterns on bedding and carpets, as well as wooden and steel materials in furniture.

2 - Minimal Calm

Minimal calm is all about creating ambience in your space with the use of neutral tones and visible textures. Allow colours to bleed into each other and don’t be afraid to let textures such as wood and fabric show through. Minimal calm also steers clear of harsh white and black, preferring muddier tones and blues.

3 - Australiana

Australiana is finally making a comeback, but it’s not quite a reversion to the 1970s. Drawing inspiration from the bush, the Australiana look of 2018 is clean and contemporary. Make use of burnt reds, olive greens and terracotta tones to recreate this classic Aussie look and incorporate light wood furniture with visible grains.

4 - Tropical

Tropical prints and indoor plants are stealing the show in 2018. The tropical look is vibrant and fun, inspired by rainforests and safari. Tropical looks include animal and tropical bird decor. When choosing plants, go for rich greens and large leaves.

5 - Chic

If you consider yourself a bit of a fashionista, this look’s for you. Think of New York in the 60s, with exposed clothing racks and posters of fashion models. Don’t be afraid to be rebellious with this look—feel free to incorporate some bold garish decor.

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