Interiors Inspiration

10 Ways to Create a Laid-Back Style Home

Mar 27, 2019
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Us Aussies love the beach. It’s a huge part of our easy-breezy coastal culture (we’re a big old island after all!). When we’re not on our own turf, we’re avid travellers, often in search of other beaches to explore for some well-deserved R+R.

When our passion for all things coastal runs this deep, why not bring some coastal inspiration to your home interiors?

  1. Pieces of furniture crafted from raw, distressed timber always work for a coastal theme. Add a bench seat for a more relaxed style that saves on space too.
  2. For soft furnishings, use natural, soft textures like linen and cotton. Woven, knit or crocheted textures all work well together with a coordinated colour scheme. Layer your fabrics for relaxed styling with cushions, floor cushions and throws. A lazy Sunday afternoon amongst all this softness will bring the feeling of a holiday to your very own living room.
  3. Pick your colour scheme carefully. Crisp whites and shades of blue are traditionally coastal-inspired colours. You can also opt for stripes in red, white or navy for a nautical touch. Or go for a more relaxed colour palette of muted blues, pinks and greens, reminiscent of tropical sunsets and palm trees.
  4. Plants always breathe life and freshness into your home; coastal styling is no exception. Whether real or faux, palms, yakkas or orchids will bring the tropics to you.
  5. Storage is an important part of designing your dream home, but beachy interiors mean you don’t have to have it all hidden away. Baskets with large weaves and imperfect, unstructured vessels add an effortlessly stylish touch to any room.
  6. When it comes to lighting, think wicker, timber, glass and natural candlelight for the perfect holiday mood at dusk.
  7. Natural fibres are always a running theme for coastal styling. Rugs with open weaves in jute, wool or muted shades of cotton work wonderfully for beachy interiors.
  8. Scatter décor items like tribal pieces, shells and candles around the room. You could even add a surfboard or two for ultimate authenticity.
  9. Think water when choosing your wall art. This could be a nod to your favourite water sports, surfing or sailing, or choose pieces with tropical, beachy colours.
  10. Don’t forget your alfresco area. Coastal living is all about that indoor-outdoor feel, so light up the BBQ, pop a colourful carafe and drinkware on the table and sip sangria to your heart’s content at your next gathering.