About JG King Building Group

JG King Homes is part of the JG King Building Group. The strength of this group and business is built upon the elements the one group delivers.

JG King Homes has pioneered the use of steel frames since 1985. As Victoria's leading steel frame home builders, we know steel strong homes offer high quality and long-term value for our customers. It's why we build all our homes this way.

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JG King Homes

JG King Homes, the original member of the group, is our detached home division, dedicated to building high-quality steel frame residential housing for Victorian families.

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Steel Frame Solutions

Steel Frame Solutions is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated steel frames and trusses in Australian housing. It’s regarded as a pioneer in frame technology, sourcing all frames and trusses across our JG King divisions.

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Project Windows and Doors

Project Windows and Doors makes a huge range of standard and custom aluminium frame windows, as well as doors, screens and security products. It also supplies these products to new home builders Victoria and nationwide, including our very own JG King Homes and JG King Projects.

Belmore 300 Alfresco Low Res

straighter, stronger, better

A steel-strong home is a better home

Steel frame homes are more durable and less likely to flex or warp than alternatives. Straighter walls mean your home always looks great and requires low maintenance – saving you money for decades. And if you don’t plan to live in it forever, our steel frames ensure your home stays in perfect condition for longer, helping you maximise your investment if you sell.

Better for the environment, every standard JG King Homes home has a COLORBOND© roof and a TRUECORE© frame built from 100% recyclable steel in our Ballarat factory. And remember, steel doesn’t need to be treated with toxic chemicals against pests and fire, so your JG King home is safer for your family.

Your security with JG King Homes does not just stop with your steel frame and roof. JG King Homes has always prided itself on delivering a high-quality home. The foundations of the steel frame and roof are testimony to that. For a limited time, JG King Homes will also deliver double-glazed windows and doors to your home. Your roof your frame and windows are the foundations of your home, so you can sleep at night knowing you have made the right choice.